The Wonders of Lavender

Lavender(lavandula anguvstifolia) an aromatic herb native to lands around the Mediterrranean-has been used for thousand of years as a cleansing and soothing agent (its name is derived from the Latin word lava,which means to wash. It’s a common ingredient in soaps, beauty products, as well as a popular essential oil. I personally have it by my bedside for a more enhancd and restfull sleep. Try it! It also has been known for calming anxiety, reversing hair loss, healing wounds, managing fungal infections and reducing pain after surgery. guess its the CALM..after the Storm.However,if a person does not like the scent of Lavender, I suggest researching different essential oils that can work for you. They, ESSENTIALLY OILS ARE AMAZING! it will never hurt to try…:).

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